The Scarlet Moment

'The Scarlet Moment, a 28-page chapbook, is a collection of poetry evoking a range of worlds using spare language and striking imagery.  Some of these shimmering pearls focus on the emergence of HIV in Australia with many poems documenting the experience of patients of Ward 17 South at St. Vincents Hospital, the first hospital ward in Australia dedicated to HIV/AIDS care.

Your poems [in The Scarlet Moment] are truly astonishing: heart-rending but imagistically sharpCyril Wong (SOFTBLOW Editor) on "The Scarlet Moment"
In these times of big data and empiricism, poetry becomes a space in which we can develop a subjective, experience-near, and multilayered perspective on the stories that many of us may think we know.
The Scarlet Moment is a grain of sand that will grow each time you read it. Warren Summers on "The Scarlet Moment"