• ‘Wash A-Way Sunday 27 February 2022’ Brushstrokes IV (WA Poets, 2023)
  • ‘The True Path’ Poetry of Home/The Liquid Amber Prize Anthology (Liquid Amber Press, 2023)
  • ‘House-Hunting Pantoum with Chain-Saw’ Blue Bottle Journal June Read it here
  • ‘Deep Black Ice’ Queer Love, Queer Life: The Second Anthology (Muswell Press, UK)
  • ‘Re-Heated Night’ with Statement of Poetics Mantissa Poetry Review Issue 2 February


  • ‘All Devotion’ After Resilience, Helen Dennis QRAA Ekphrasis Challenge Read it here
  • ‘Men Loving Men’ & ‘Woody Point’ ergi press zine (UK) Issue 2 Autumn
  • ‘The Love Chair’ Wild Roof Journal (USA) Issue 15 July Read it here or here
  • ‘Edward Levenson’ Backstory Journal Issue Thirteen May Read it here
  • ‘Pears’ (After Persimmons, Li-Young Lee) Chariot Press Literary Journal (USA) Issue 1 Spring Read it here
  • ‘Allegiance’ (Me and My Parrots, Frida Kahlo) Styluslit Issue 11 March Read it here
  • ‘After Landscape and Jacaranda‘ (Grace Cossington Smith) Panoplyzine (USA) Issue 20 January Read it here


  • ‘Six Years after My Mother’s Death at 53’ Lavender Bones Magazine (USA) Issue 1 December Read it here
  • ‘Onion Patch’ Wild Roof Journal (USA) November Read it here
  • ‘Icon’ 2021 Anthology Sapphic Touch (Newcastle Sappho – Poetry Forum for Queers) July
  • ‘The Dark Inside the Light’ (Wheatfield with Crows, Vincent van Gogh) The Ekphrastic Review (USA) 18 August 2021 Read it here
  • ‘Between the Sun & Pluto’ Mini-Mega Pack (USA) August Read it here
  • ‘Meeting’ (now ‘Rendezvous at The Pleasure Chest’) Blue Bottle Journal February Read it here


  • ‘Homecoming’ Writing Water: Rain River Reef (Red Room Poetry) November Read it here
  • ‘At Torakina Park (Brunswick Heads)’, ‘A Mug’s Lament’ & ‘Hole in the World’ Eureka Street Vol 30 No 20 13 October Read it here
  • ‘Pyromaniac’s Lament’ Messages from the Embers Anthology (Black Quill Press) September
  • Magpies’ & ‘Bird Lore’ The Blue Nib Issue 42 July
  • ‘At Home’ Australian Poetry Collaboration May Read it here
  • ‘Radiant’, ‘Platform 22’, ‘Wild Risk’ and ‘Damn Catholics’ The Blue Nib (Ireland) Issue 40 January (‘Radiant’ & ‘Damn Catholics’ in online version)


  • ‘Forgotten Sparks’ Australian Poetry Anthology Issue 7 July
  • ‘Results’, ‘Obituary’ & ‘Asymptomatic’ Social Alternatives Vol. 37 No. 4 April


  • ‘Parallel Universe’ Styluslit Issue 4, September Read it here
  • ‘Could I borrow the car?’, ‘Chances’ and ‘Sight Lines’ Bent Street September
  • ‘HIV Transmission’ Rabbit Poetry Journal 24 May


  • ‘Vacant Block (Lismore)’ Landscapes: Journal of the International Centre for Landscape and Language ‘Ecotones as Contact Zones’ Volume 7.1 February Read it here


  • ‘Eyes as Fire’ Verity La 16 December Read it here
  • ‘The Nightly Trip’ (earlier version) bluepepper 27 July Read it here


  • ‘Final Straw’, ‘Bandit Country & ‘Bonds’ Eureka Street Volume 23 No 4 25 February Read it here


  • haiku (‘black dog night’) Windfall: Australian haiku Issue 1 December


  • ‘Robinson’s Lookout, Lismore’ (earlier version) Landscapes ‘Peripatetica’ Volume 4.1 Winter Read it here


  • ‘Satisfaction Enough’ (now ‘Satisfaction / Enough’) Eureka Street Volume 20.11 15 June Read it here


  • haiku (‘a lightning strike’) Four W Nineteen June
  • ‘the mint-blue air’ & ‘chemotherapy’ Eucalypt: a tank journal Issue 4


  • ‘Choristers, St. Carthage’s Cathedral, Lismore’ (earlier version) New England Review 20 Summer
  • ‘Driveway Absurdist’ Landscapes Volume 2.2 Read it here
  • ‘Messengers from the Eighth Month’ (now ‘Unhinged’) Landscapes Volume 2.2 Read it here
  • ‘Stone’ (earlier version) Landscapes Volume 2.2 Read it here


  • ‘Batman flies from a Tree’ (earlier version) New England Review 15 Summer
  • ‘The Waiting Room’ From the Anabranch (Poet’s Union) Ed. M Bradstock


  • ‘Memorialised Moments’ (earlier version) Talkabout No 82 January